Former Patriots linebacker joins Fort D's coaching staff

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- These days it seems like Fort Dorchester is a pipeline to the NFL. Guys like Carlos Dunlap, Robert Quinn and Byron Maxwell have paved the way.{} Starting this year, Fort Dorchester may start to become a pipeline from the NFL.{}

When hiring coaches, Steve LaPrad wants the best. His newest linebackers coach he didn't have to work hard to get.{}

"He came to me and waned to coach. I said, 'Heck yeah,'" said LaPrad. "He's done a heck of a job."{}

"It's something I wanted to do once I got into the NFL. I was preparing myself ten years for this. Convenient the school is nearby where I live," said former New England Patriot Tracy White.{}

It's amazing to think, before walking into Steve LaPrad's office, White had walked out of Bill Belichick's office with the New England Patriots.{}

"I ended on my terms. I wanted to get to 10 (years). Before the season, I told my parents and family it was going to be my last year. I'm happy with what I did when I played in the league.{} I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life," said White.{}

Making the NFL was a long shot for the Timberland High and Howard University grad. Sticking for a decade in the league certainly will catch the attention of his new players.

"I get asked 'How many years were you in the league?' How old am I? I guess they're amazed I'm retired at 32. It's a fun atmosphere here," he said.{} {}

White loves to talk about his new career. He doesn't talk a lot about his former one, but he's quick to point out his favorite NFL memory.{}

"Automatic, starting in the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 46 we played in Indianapolis against the Giants. The greatest feeling, my Super Bowl appearance. Coach Belichick gave me the opportunity to start," said White.{}

The lessons he learned are now the lessons he teaches.{}

"I tell them to get as much as they can. Make themselves better. Ask questions about improving things. I give everything I know, if they have questions, I'm their tool, use me if they want," he said.{}

Coaching is different; his team is different, but his plan is the same.{}

"I'm all about trying to win, not trying to win, but winning. I want this school to succeed," said White.{}

He's got plenty of winning, and he knows all about winning as a Patriot.

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