Former Quarterback Testifies in Case of Violent Home Robberies

Charleston, SC - Once a starting quarterback at the Citadel, now a witness.{}{}

Miguel Starks testified for several hours Wednesday morning in the trial of Sasha Gaskins.{} Gaskins is accused of helping Starks and three others in two violent robberies in February 2010.

Another suspect in the case, Breanna Bruster also gave testimony Wednesday,{}but it was Starks, who for most of the day, told jurors how he robbed his former coach and how Sasha Gaskins helped.

In court, Starks said he had a friendly relationship with former Citadel football assistant Joshua Harpe.{}{}Still, along with Reggie Rice, Stephen Francois, Bruster and Gaskins, Starks outlined a plan to rob Harpe, by luring the coach out of his apartment into a garage to be ambushed.

"Hoping that we could get one of the girls to call and say their car had broke down in a parking lot, and that he would come and pick them up," Starks said.{}

Starks said Gaskins made the call from a pay phone near Harpe's home.

"She would go ahead and make the call, she makes the call, calls us back," said Starks.{} "By the time she calls us back we're basically already in Josh's garage, waiting on him to come out."

Starks showed the court exactly where Rice, Francois and himself hid out.{} Starks says the men pulled guns and tied-up Harpe while he begged them not to hurt him.

According to the former quarterback, {}they stole electronics, credit cards and drugs from the apartment, and Gaskins helped them carry away the items.{} Gaskins reportedly wanted money for a new TV and to get her hair done.

Gaskins is also accused of sending a letter to Breanna Bruster while in jail, telling her{}not to talk.

The four suspects in this case, besides Gaskins, have all pled guilty to armed robbery, burglary and kidnapping.

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