$142 million Gaillard Center opening delayed for 'perfection'


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- City officials announced Wednesday that the opening for the newly renovated Gaillard Center will be postponed by about four months.

Mayor Joe Riley was joined at a press conference by architects from Nashville and design firm representatives.

Riley said the original Gaillard project end date was no longer realistic because officials want everything to be perfect. Part of that perfection means completing the auditorium with an acoustic rating of 15. R

iley said tuning alone will take several weeks.

Riley also noted that if they were to move into a performance hall before the acoustics were complete, it would never be right.

The new opening date is slated for late Summer of 2015. He said that while the space won't be available in time for next year's Spoleto Festival, there will be plenty of venues elsewhere for performances.

Riley also assured the delay will not cost the city any more money. With a $142-million budget, it is the biggest project the City of Charleston has ever commissioned.

The new Gaillard Center will feature a state-of-the-art performance hall, exhibition and event space, plus 11,000 square feet of green space, rooms for arts education, and municipal offices.

The new Gaillard Center is the most expensive municipal project in Charleston's 350-year history. It will replace the city's aging Galliard Municipal Auditorium.

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