Goose Creek High partners with companies for STEM students

    (Source: STEM Premier)

    GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) - STEM Premier has partnered withGoose Creek High School to launch their new platform within the school's STEMAcademy.

    The program is co-sponsored by ISHPI Inc., a technologycompany specializing in information and Cyber Dominance and Engineering andTechnical Services.

    The goal of the launch was to allow STEM Academy students toshow off their talents in science, technology, engineering and math, and allowthem to get student rankings and ratings, and gain exposure to academic andcareer opportunities.

    The launch was the first of many planned in the state,leaders said.

    "Goose Creek High School is emerging as a leader in thedevelopment of STEM and CTE education," said STEM Premier Co-Founder Dr. DonTylinski. "This partnership will give their STEM Academy students the abilityto be recognized for their unique talents and expose them to the STEM-relatedopportunities both locally and nationally."

    The program kicked off in late February with high schoolstudents creating individual profiles featuring achievements in STEM as well asstandardized test scores, experience, videos, course work, earnedcertifications and more.

    Colleges and businesses now have the ability to view thoseprofiles, connect with the students and share opportunities available withintheir organizations such as scholarships, internships and job openings.

    Organizers hope is to keep students interested in STEM andattract others to the fields.

    Goose Creek High School Principal Jimmy Huskey views theprogram as a step in the right direction for his school.

    "We have placed a major focus on our STEM and CTE curriculumand facilities to prepare our students for success in a world demanding thoseskills," Huskey said. "Our partnership with STEM Premier and ISHPI will allowour students to build their personal brand, get their name out there and berecognized for those skills developed at GCHS."

    ISHPI leaders say they love the attention schools areputting into STEM programs, saying it opens the door for greater cooperationbetween schools and the business sector as students learn and advance.

    "We are grateful for the opportunity to partner withGoose Creek High School and STEM Premier," said Noah Leask, ISHPI Chairman andCEO.{} "As a company that relies onSTEM talent for growth and innovation, we recognize the need for corporationslike us to play a larger role in K-12 education.{} We are proud to be stepping up to thechallenge."

    For months, STEM Premier has been collaborating with localschools and businesses to encourage STEM in the region.{}

    In August, STEM Premier partnered with the EDGE Academies, apilot program that creates career-based schools within high schools. Locally,the program is part of a push by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

    Goose Creek High School is one of five schools in theLowcountry included in the pilot program.

    Other organizations such as the Charleston Digital Corridor,Charleston Regional Development Alliance and SCRA Technology Ventures' SCLaunch are contributing the growth in STEM programs.

    "We believe STEM Premier is a valuable tool that enablesstudents to identify, sharpen and showcase their STEM capabilities all whileorganizations are getting a wide-angle view of the future talent pool availableto them," said SCRA CEO Bill Mahoney. "The implications for Charleston and thestate as a whole are apparent: regional STEM talent can now be identified,employed and retained by regional schools and businesses to drive innovation andeconomic growth in South Carolina."

    STEM Premier is a Charleston based company focused onconnecting STEM talent with higher education and industry. For more information,go to{}

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