Hanahan city council denied new school location

Council members and school leaders debate a new school location in December.

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Berkeley County School District superintendent last week sent a note to Hanahan City Council appealing the decision to deny a planned elementary school in Foster Creek.{}

According to Dr. Rodney Thompson's letter, the appeal comes due to the "extreme overcrowded conditions" at two schools in the area.{}

Thompson says the council during a meeting earlier this month, mentioned another tract of land on Williams Lane that the city owns.{}

"I would like to explore beginning the due diligence process for this parcel if the City is interested in selling the property for the purpose of building a school," Thompson wrote.{}

The debate over the location of a new school has been raging for months.{}

School leaders, Hanahan city officials and homeowners debated the location of a new elementary school in Berkeley County in December.

District leaders with the Berkeley County School Board want the new elementary school built along Bowen Village, which is located at the very end of Foster Creek Road.

However, Hanahan city leaders aren't sure if that's the best location. They want to consider not only the Bowen site as a location but also property along Williams Lane and the Charleston Water Site.

The new school is meant to alleviate overcrowding at Hanahan Elementary and Goose Creek Primary, two schools district leaders say are "bursting at the seams" with students.

Voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum to build the new school in November 2012.{}

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