Police chief: Marley Lion 'did absolutely nothing to be murdered'

Marley Lion (Provided)

By Lia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- As investigators shared video surveillance of the shooting death of Marley Lion, they said his murder was an attempted robbery that turned homicide.

In a press conference Tuesday, Police Chief Greg Mullen said the purpose of the meeting was to clear the air about any speculation about the case and to concentrate on solving the crime.

"There is no indication that this crime was anything other than random senseless act of violence," Chief Mullen said. "There is nothing to indicate that Marley was involved in any behavior which would be associated with this crime or knew his attackers."

Chief Mullen said that while they know Lion was at a house party earlier in the night and apparently drinking, that is not their focus as of now. He says they are doing everything they can in the police agency to solve the murder of the recent Academic Magnet graduate and bring the shooter to justice.

"Marley was a 17-year-old beginning his life, that encountered a predator that lives by violence, hurting others and lives creating destruction in communities," Mullen said.

Surveillance video was released of the scene showing Lion's SUV in the parking lot of Famous Joe's Bar and Grill. It clearly portrays a gunman approaching his door with a gun at the window where Lion was sleeping. The alarm of the vehicle was set off and the gunman briefly retreated. The gunman then returned again and opened fire.

Chief Mullen says there are at least two people of interest in the murder. They are also looking to speak to a key witness at the beginning of the surveillance video who crosses by Lion's vehicle before the shooting occurs.

"Marley Lion did absolutely nothing to be murdered in a parking lot. He did absolutely nothing to deserve what ended his life," Mullen said.

Detective Richard Burkhardt is the lead detective and says the entire investigative division is working on the case. He said they have canvassed the entire West Ashley area, including residences and businesses. He said they and had posted flyers.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley also gave his input on solving the case.

"Our responsibility as law abiding citizens is for anyone who may have any information, any ideas, a hunch, or rumor they might have heard from someone else, to bring this to our police department so we can bring this violent person to justice," Mayor Riley said.

If you have any information on the murder of Lion, you are asked to call the investigative unit at the Charleston Police Department {}or Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.


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