Instructor offers night of free self defense for realtors

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- An area self-defense instructor wants to help local women protect themselves.

Matt Robinson owns Charleston Krav Maga, and on Thursday night he held a free self-defense class for realtors. The class is designed to help empower them following the death of an Arkansas realtor.

"Beverly Carter, does anybody know that name? That's why I started this today," Robinson told the attendees Thursday night. "I know you have things that you need to be doing, but you chose to come here tonight. This was definitely prompted by the death of the real estate in Arkansas, I believe her name was Beverly Carter."

Among the realtors in attendance was Heather Jacks with True Homes USA.

"I actually was born in Arkansas so it's definitely real. It doesn't seem like something that's so far away now. Just goes to show you that crime has no address; anywhere you go there could be someone waiting and you definitely want to be prepared for that," she said.

With knee kicks and punches practiced with a partner, Robinson showed the group simple moves that can help them protect themselves and get some distance between them and their attacker. .

It's something that's personal for Robinson.

"My mom used to be a real estate agent at one time, you know, and I had a fear of her going out sometimes and meeting people that they don't know. And you know, for this guy to choose this victim and just say, 'Hey she was a woman, a woman that worked alone, a rich broker,'" he said.

"It's a scary reason to go after somebody."

Elbow after elbow crashed into foam pads, each practiced move bringing with it a little more confidence for the realtors.

"You always find yourself in situations to where you can be going about your day and then you have a thought in the back of your head, 'I don't even really know this person. What could I do if something went bad right now?'" Jacks said.

It's a though Robinson doesn't want people in the Charleston area to have.

"I care about this community a lot and I don't ever want to see anything bad happen to our community that we could possibly avoid with proper training," he said.

Jacks is something of a regular around the Charleston Krav Maga facility thanks to another program Robinson runs just for women.

"I started attending the Krav Maga women's only six-week course and I absolutely love it. It's the first time I've felt like they're teaching me something I could actually put in practice to stop in attacker if they came towards me," Jacks said.

Robinson says he's happy to host the classes. He wants women to learn how best to protect themselves.

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