Murdered woman's sister: 'That was Juju, a happy heart'

HOLLYWOOD, S.C. (WCIV) -- A murdered woman's only living sibling talked Monday about her sister and the case against the man who allegedly killed her.

"That's my sister Julia Ann Sergeant Mudgett, and I'm so proud. I'm going to miss her so much," said Mimi Fie, Mudgett's older sister.

Fie also considered Mudgett her best friend and confidante. Fie is putting together a folder with pictures of her younger sister for her memorial service on Wednesday.

"She got knocked down so many times, but she always came back up with that happy heart and she would be telling me that now too," said Fie.

Fie says her sister will be remembered for her generosity.

She recalled a time when 8-year-old Julia spent her allowance money on Easter baskets for needy children without telling her parents.

Fie says she does not want to discuss the details of her sister's untimely death, but suggests finding a way to keep repeat offenders in prison. The man accused of killing Mudgett has a long rap sheet.

"We have to get a movement somehow that's effective, that works to get these people off the street who are creating this carnage. It's evil," said Fie.

Fie says it's her sister's church friends who are helping her through this time of need.

"Helped me, they carried me through it. I had no idea what to do when they found her. Where do we take her? Chris Cooper, they took care of everything," said Fie.

Fie says she also thanks the hardworking detectives on her sister's case and Dr. James Freston with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Charleston County deputies added two more charges against Jerry Manigault Monday morning for kidnapping and strong arm robbery, in addition to the murder and first-degree burglary charges filed last week.

Manigault was denied bond Saturday and remains in the Charleston County Detention Center.

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