Latest In Hollywood with Penelope Jean

Mt. Pleasant, S.C.-- It's Tuesday and that means Penelope Jean stopped by Lowcountry Live to give us the dish on what's hot in Hollywood!{}

First we had a quick conversation about Jennifer Anniston.{} At the beginning of the year, Penelope gave her celebrity predictions and one of them was that she saw this as a big year for Jennifer Anniston.{} Not so much on the silver screen, but more so in her personal life.{} She said there was a chance that we might even see Anniston with a child this year.{} Well Penelope surely must know her stuff, because just a month later, the rumor mill has started about what exactly Anniston is up to.{} The tabloids are reporting that she is planning on adopting.{} Penelope says there is no truth to the rumors that she is going to adopt a child.{} Not sure where the rumors started, but she says for right now, there doesn't seem to be any truth to those rumors about Anniston. Penelope did give us the disclaimer that even though things are false now, things could change before the end of the year.

Charlie Sheen has also been in the news a lot lately.{} Buzz has been swirling as he has checked himself into a rehab facility.{} Hollywood's finest have been coming forward with well wishes, hoping that Sheen can come out of this.{} Yesterday, there were comments from the likes of LL Cool J, Hilary Swank and others hoping that he gets better and gets better soon.{} As Sheen checked himself into rehab though, Kacey Jordan, an adult film star, appeared on ABC's Good Morning America Monday where she talked about a large amount of cocaine use by Sheen.{} Jordan also said the actor wanted her and several other adult film actresses to move into his mansion.{} No word on how long Sheen will be in that rehab facility.

And its that time of year, the Screen Actor's Guild Awards have been the talk of the headlines since Sunday when they happened at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.{} ABC primetime comedy Modern Family received nods at the award show, but the big winner of the night, the winner that everyone has been talking about is The King's Speech.{} The movie has been getting so much buzz since it came out and these awards may be foreshadowing Oscar nods as well.

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