McCaffrey's lawyer: 'We've tried to be cooperative'

Chris Lizzy

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- In past interviews Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon has said the husband of missing mother of two, Gayle McCaffrey, has not been fully cooperative. Robert McCaffrey's{}attorney says otherwise.

"There's been no indication that there's been any foul play," said Chris Lizzi, the attorney for Robert McCaffrey.

Lizzi says the disappearance of his client's wife, Gayle, is taking a toll on the father of two who wishes life would just go back to normal.

"He continues to be upset about everything."

Lizzi says early in the investigation Robert let investigators question him for more than five hours.

"We asked for a copy or a transcript of those interviews, so we could look at it and see if there was anything that he missed or anything that could be helpful to the police and they've declined repeatedly to provide that," Lizzi said.

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon recently named Gayle's husband a suspect in the case they're now calling a homicide, but Cannon said there's not enough evidence to arrest him.

"My client has felt like the police have used this as a pressuring tool and they've been conducting this as a criminal investigation from day one," said Lizzi. "We've tried to cooperate throughout this. We came down and gave DNA swabs. We informed them they should take it from the children too."

Lizzi says he doesn't think it's fair for investigators not to release transcripts of the interviews when it could possibly help them find Gayle and hopefully solve a case that's baffled not only the community but those close to Gayle.

"If you're a witness, you should be able to see what you said. He wasn't a suspect in the crime at the time according to them," said Lizzi. "He would welcome the sight of his wife walking through the door."

Robert's attorney says his client tries to stay busy and{}visits the children as much as he can. In fact, he says Robert is currently doing work on a house that belongs to one of Gayle's family members.

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