Louie's Kids needs your help

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV)-- Hank has spent most of his life overweight.{} It wasn't until last year that Hank woke up one morning and said, "I just don't want to live this way anymore".{} It was at that moment that Hank's life changed forever.

He says he started eating better, he started exercising regularly, and completely changed his outlook on life, helping him shed about 85 pounds and still losing!{} He has spent the last year losing his weight for an organization called Louie's Kids.{} They encourage healthy lifestyles for children in this day and age who struggle to stay fit and healthy.{} Hank was inspired to start a fundraiser for the organization's efforts and through his weight loss has been able to donate a check for $1000 for Louie's Kids.{} Hank told himself that for every pound he lost, he would donate $5.{} After getting some friends to chip in as well, they rounded up $1000!

Hank's message is simple.{} Get up and do something, that includes kids and adults!{} He says its important to set a goal and stick with that goal.{} It may sound hard at first and could be very difficult in the beginning, but your health depends on it!{} With subsets of the organization like RunBuddies, kids have the opportunity to get out and get healthy, they just need that extra nudge!{} That said, Louie's Kids needs you!{} Each year RunBuddies encourages kids to get out and conquer the Cooper River Bridge Run and this year is no different!{} They are determined to take 30 brand new kids over the bridge this March.

For more information on Louie's Kids, how you can donate, volunteer or get your child involved, give them a call at 843-724-9267.

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