Man Accused of Shooting Goose Creek Officer In Bond Court

The man police say shot a Goose Creek police officer came face to face with the officer's family in court Monday. Codrick Bass was denied bond for nineteen charges including attempted murder.

"I want to ask the officers family and all the victims to forgive me," Bass told a judge Monday afternoon.

Officer Robert Edwards Junior's family sat a few feet behind Bass and watched the Goose Creek man apologize.

"I got shot. I can hardly talk," Bass said.

Bass was shot after police say he shot Officer Edwards. Edwards was the first officer to respond to Bass' home on Iris Street last week after several 911 calls.

"We have a husband here who was beating up his wife and daughter," one 911 caller described. "We helped the wife and daughter get out of the house. The wife is still in the front. They say he has a gun in there. He had them naked on the floor, like beating them up."

Court records detail how police say Bass forced his step daughter and wife to strip naked and that he sexually assaulted the 15-year-old while she tried breaking a bathroom window to scream for help. Police say two of the other children were able to escape, thanks to Quentin Benjamin.

"He rescued the kids and everything and like I said, I thank god, because it could have been worse," Benjamin's mother, Cassandra Huger said.

Huger spoke for her son in court and told the judge Benjamin was on leave from the Navy one day before he was caught in the gunfire that night. Police say Bass shot at Benjamin several times.

"That's what he's in training for. So I'm glad he saved someone's life," Huger said.

Bass wife told the courtroom she forgives her husband and apologized to Officer Edwards' family.

Bass is now charged with Benjamin's attempted murder, along with four others, including Officer Edwards. He's also charged with criminal sexual conduct, malicious injury to personal property, discharging a firearm into a dwelling, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, unlawful conduct toward a child, lewd act on a child under the age of 16, and criminal domestic violence high and aggravated, and kidnapping, all totaling 19 counts.

Officer Edwards remains at MUSC in stable condition.

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