Man runs cross country on an 'ElliptiGO'

(Joe O'Neill/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- What do you plan to do once you're 71 years old?{} Rick Hermelin, a retired marine, has had an idea for some time."I wanted to do a run, coast to coast, and that was my original idea was to run it," said Hermelin.He's run for the past 35 years in literally hundreds of marathons, half marathons and 5K races.{} So it's no surprise hitting the road between the Marine Corp Recruiting Depots in Beaufort and San Diego has been in the back of his mind.But in the front of his mind, the wear and tear on his body.{} That's where the 'ElliptiGO' comes in.{} It's a cross between a bike and an elliptical."What I'm doing is still running.{} The advantage is I'm running with no impact so it will be a lot easier on my body and I can do it faster, and I can do it within that hundred days scheme."The plan is to run and ride the 'ElliptiGO' in one hundred days, and collect money along the way."I'm raising funds and awareness for the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund that is based in Camp Pendleton in California," said Hermelin.He will take off from Beaufort this Friday."The starting date, March 23rd, Friday, was my first day in the Marine Corps in 1959."Hermelin hopes it will be a memorable ride and that's likely.{} He plans to do 30 miles a day and has no idea where he will stay.

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