Mayor talks school safety 1 year after Newtown

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Saturday, December 14, marks the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that killed 20 young school children.

As a result, changes were made to schools right here in the Lowcountry with one Mayor making it his crusade to ensure that every elementary school in his city was safer.

"I could not live with myself if something happened in our elementary schools and we had not done something to try to prevent it," Mayor Keith Summey of North Charleston said back in December 2012, a few days after Newtown.

After the unspeakable events at Sandy Hook, Mayor Summey vowed to put a police officer in every elementary school in the City of North Charleston. One year later, Summey said he has kept his promise.

"We are the only municipality that still has a police officer in every school," Mayor Keith Summey said.

"We now have roughly 40 officers in schools -- we have new vehicles, new equipment."

Not only are the schools safer, Summey said it's also about building positive relationships between students and police officers.

"It's about protection but it is also about developing those relationships - in thinking these are human beings, they are normal, and they are my friend."

Summey said he's proud of the City and its Police Department in the safety policies they instated.

"This is a time that I think we all will remember, that they are children that could have been so productive to the quality of life, of people in this country that no longer have that opportunity," Summey said.

"We should look at it as a war in our own communities."

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