Message for Harper: 'Fly with the angels'

By Lia

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- (WCIV) She was known across the lowcountry for her young giving heart, even while battling cancer. Unfortunately 11-year-old Harper Drolet passed away September 30 after putting up a long fight.

Harper had a rare soft-tissue cancer she beat once before. Sadly, she did not defeat the disease when it was discovered in May.

Throughout her treatments, Harper became known for acts of giving and touched so many people's lives along the way.

Inside Harper's favorite restaurant, Sunflower Cafe, the regular crowd was saddened by the recent news of her death. The cafe had collected money and decorated its walls with paper chains of blue and yellow links, representing Hugs for Harper. From October 2009 to last month, more than $9,000 was raised.

Owner Jenny Hooker took down the paper chain for Harper to give to her family. Seeing the chain no longer there for customers brought sadness to many.

"I was in this morning and the banners were down and bagged to be delivered to her family. There's a lot of sadness a lot of folks were quieter than usual, a solemn crowd." Bruce Bishop said.

"We know she fought a great battle she touched a lot of people and is in a better place and I think we all have benefited from knowing Harper and following her life."

For Hooker, it was very difficult to remove the chain that hung there for so long that gave hope to Harper to overcome cancer.

"That's probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life," Hooker said.

Harper had written a note to Hooker thanking her for all the cafe had done for her, but many say it is what Harper has done for them.

"There are so many people she has touched who don't even know her that just know her name and we're never going to forget her. She's always going to be a very special person. She's done so much for so many people," she said.

Outside the cafe, the message board now reads, "Harper we love you- fly with the Angels."

"I just knew she was an angel here on earth and now she is an angel with her own wings and I know she's up there looking down on us."

Harper is survived by her parents, Jamie and Amy Drolet, and her sisters, 8-year-old Henderson and 4-year-old Helen.

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