Mother's post comparing Trayvon Martin and Marley Lion goes viral

By Stacy

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- All it takes is a click. And tens of thousands of shares later, Elizabeth O'Neill's graphic comparing Trayvon Martin's death to Marley Lion's death went viral.

"I just posted it on my wall and from there, that's how it started. I never expected it to go this far," O'Neill said.

She used a computer program to make a picture comparing the two cases. Charleston Police say the 17-year-old Lion was shot in his car in June 2012. They said he was an innocent victim of a botched robbery. Lion was white; his alleged murderers were black.

But O'Neill said race didn't enter her mind when she made the picture.

"It doesn't matter what color your skin is. Everybody bleeds red. It doesn't matter. Two mothers still lost their son," she said.

The picture has become an Internet frenzy. O'Neill said a lot of the negative comments she had gotten were from people who said she wanted to make a racial statement, or from people who did not think the cases were alike.

Local attorney Charlie Condon called the comparison a stretch.

"It does fit a standard, robbery-type case. Whereas, the other one had all these other factors," Condon said.

But, O'Neill said if she wanted to compare the crimes, she would've compared the accused murderers. She said it was the victims who deserved the attention.

She said she does not regret making the post, as it gave attention to Lion's case.

Charleston Police declined to comment on the Lion case Tuesday.

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