New playground coming to Chicora Community

Some children from the Chicora Community got to select the specifics of their new playground (Courtesy: Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Sonya

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- One North Charleston neighborhood will be getting a new playground this fall.

Some of the children that will get to enjoy this new addition were able to express their opinion Thursday on what colors and styles they want.

"There is no better expert when it comes to play then children, so we are actively seeking their advice and their input," said Tricia Crimminger, Director of Communications at Select Health. "They'll be picking from a selection of seesaws and picking from a selection of spring rides, so this is an opportunity for their opinion and their expert advice to be given and heard and it begins a process of ownership to the playground."

The kids were excited to be involved in the process, but are more excited about their future playground.

"To me it is a safe place where I can meet new friends and play with my old friends and have fun. I'm going to bring my little brother," said Talayia Haynes, an 11-year-old who lives in the Chicora area.

"People get their exercise, they can have fun and talk with their friends," said Bernard Porcher, a 13-year-old who lives in the neighborhood.

This future addition to the Chicora Community is courtesy of Select Health of South Carolina and AmeriHealth Caritas Partnership.

"Select Health of South Carolina has a proud mission and that is to help people get care, stay well and to build healthy communities," said Crimminger. "What better example of building a healthy community then to provide a playground for children and families who need it and there is not a playground in this area currently."

The City of North Charleston donated the land, will fence it in completely and maintain it in the future.

On Nov. 22, volunteers will spend the day putting it all together.

"It's a labor of love and it's sweat equity at its best," said Crimminger.

All involved hope that the kids can enjoy it for years to come.

The playground is completely paid for, but Select Health is hoping to also add a series of fitness stations for teens and adults. The company and its partners are currently looking for the additional $17,000 needed for that addition.

The playground will be built by SelectHealth staff members and partners, but if you would like to volunteer, the Chicora Place Community Garden is always looking for help. Those interested can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.


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