Penelope Jean: Celeb Dish!

Our celebrity analyst Penelope Jean had some exciting topics for us today! From Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating People of 2010" to the entertainment for this season's Super Bowl!

But first, we talked about some of the big names that have been coined some of Barbara Walters' most fascinating! We start with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber! He's known for his talent around the world now, and at just 15, Bieber has amassed more fame than many artists do in a lifetime. From talk show appearances to award show performances, he has definitely become a household name, fitting that he is one of the most fascinating people of the year.

And speaking of fascinating, how about the cast of Jersey Shore?! They have also made Barbara's short, yet distinguished list. Funny how "Snookie", "Pauly D", "The Situation" along with the other cast members are on the same list as stars such as actress Sandra Bullock and Prince William's new fiance Kate Middleton, but they did. Penelope says it should be interesting to see the interview, just to see what the cast members have to say about being honored by THE Barbara Walters.

Actress, singer, and newly appointed American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez also shares a piece of the spotlight on that list. Lopez has come a long way from being a "fly girl" on the early 1990's hit variety show In Living Color and from being known as "Jenny on the Block". From being on the arm of rap mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, to now being a mother and wife to Latin singer/songwriter Mark Anthony, Lopez has done it all. No wonder she made this year's list. And Walters' complete list of this year's "Most Fascinating People" can be seen on ABC on December 9!

And finally, the half-time entertainment is set for the upcoming Super Bowl. American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas have been nailed down as the headlining performance for the 2011 Super Bowl. The NFL has confirmed the award winning group is slated to perform at Super Bowl XLV on February 6. Its all happening LIVE at Cowboys Stadium in North Texas.

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