Rainbow Loom creator unveils newest creation at Elf-stravaganza

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- The man behind what man people -- especially kids -- are calling this year's most popular toy stopped by WonderWorks in West Ashley on Saturday to reveal his latest creation.

Choon Ng is the inventor of the Rainbow Loom, a tool that is used to make jewelry out of rubber bands. The rainbow loom craze has hit the country and kids are spending hours creating bracelets and necklaces with Choon's invention.

Ng said the success of his toy was unexpected and he owes it all to his daughters.

"My daughters inspired me. I saw them making bracelets one day, which is three years ago. And I wanted to impress them and I couldn't quite do it because my fingers are much bigger to make those rubber band bracelets from those small rubber bands," he said. "So I came up with a loom{} from push pins and I was able to make much complicated patterns than they can make by hand."

Ng's newest invention may be as popular with parents and it will be with kids. The newest rainbow loom will be travel-sized and allow for even more intricate patterns.

A travel-capable rainbow loom could turn long car rides into hours of creativity.

Ng said the new loom should be out sometime next year.

"My new product actually got delayed. But the new product can make a variety of so-called fishtail patterns," he said. "My goal is to deliver fun for my customers, especially for{} the kids. So I will keep making new products and keep upgrading my products. That's my goal."

Ng's appearance at WonderWorks was part of a larger event at the popular toy store called Elf-stravaganza. The owner of the store, Christine Osborne, said it was a fun event to gather the community and raise awareness of several charities, including Keys For Home, Hugs for Harper, and Blessings for Becky.

"We're increasing the awareness of the charities and we're gathering up donations at all of the events like decorating your letters to Santa, decorating your cookies, doing a holiday ornament and each of the charities are helping with that," said Osborne.

Thomas the Tank Engine rolled into the WonderWorks station as well, stopping to pose for pictures.

"And then also Choon is collecting at his entrance too and in exchange, he's giving a free little charm, one of his new charms to the children. And we have children that are just so excited to meet him," Osborne said.

The Elf-stravaganza event has been an annual event for several years. Last year, the event was at the Mount Pleasant store and about 3,000 people showed up.

This year, Osborne said she was expecting as many as 5,000 people.

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