Suspect charged after police chase, shots fired

Scene of the police chase/crash (Lia Sestric/WCIV)

AWENDAW, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon fired 9 shots in an attempt to stop a high-speed car chase Monday. That suspect is now in police custody.

At least four Charleston County Sheriff's deputies, including Sheriff Al Cannon, fired on a suspect during a chase down Steed Creek Road in Awendaw.

31 year-old Timothy Shawn McManus is charged with failure to stop for blue lights, resisting arrest, driving under suspension. Additional charges are pending.

Sheriff Cannon said around 10 A.M. he noticed McManus' truck driving erratically by Hungry Neck Boulevard in Mount Pleasant.

"The dark color pick up truck swerved in front of me almost colliding with my right front fender," he said.

Al Cannon was driving an unmarked vehicle, but said he put on his sirens for the driver to pull over.

"Obviously an unusual situation to have the sheriff involved in something like this but it's a reminder- first and foremost I'm a police officer."

McManus led police on a high-speed pursuit, reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour.

Police had put out stop sticks to slow McManus down in several locations, but he had gone around them.

Cannon shot out one of the truck's tires and two deputies shot out the other tires. He said this caused the vehicle to crash on Steed Creek Road, near the Francis Marion National Forest.

Cannon hit the right front tire with his .45 caliber gun.

"His right front was pretty well shredded. And his left rear was blown out," he said.

Investigators say McManus ran from the truck, but was bitten by a police dog and captured. He was then treated for injuries and then taken to the jail.

The sheriff said the last time he shot at a suspect was when a suspect tried to run over his partner when he was a lieutenant in North Charleston in the 1970s.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the shooting, which is standard procedure when an officer fires his gun.

Cannon says two deputies that fired shots at the suspect's truck have been placed on administrative duties, but says they may be back as early as Tuesday.

"He was really such a danger to the traffic out there that its one of those difficult situations that your faced with sometime. He was dangerous in and of himself."

Two deputy patrol cars also collided during the chase. Cannon said there were no injuries.


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