Sound of the drill dulled by personal movie experience

Many times Hart says older patients will not want to try out the goggles, but once he encourages them to try them out, in the end, they often change their minds. (Justin Peterson/WCIV)

By Justin

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- With technology getting better every day, why can't that dreaded trip to the dentist benefit?

Dr. James Hart has been working on people's teeth east of the Cooper for the past 14 years.

Hart says he has used video goggles technology{}in his practice for the past decade, to help his patients enjoy their experience and be entertained.

"One of my colleagues, actually a specialist who I had referred a patient to, gave me the idea," Hart said.

Hart says the patient came back and said everything went fine, but they did not get to finish their movie -- that's when he decided he had to try the idea out for himself.

The goggles have ear buds that help transport a patients mind away from thoughts of being at the dentist, and into their own personal movie theater.

"Patients absolutely love it, any time they can have something to pass the time while they are sitting in the dental chair," Hart said. "It also cuts down on anxiety, they have something to distract them from the noise we are making from the drill, it is a great situation for that."

Hart has a long{}list of popular and classic movies in all genres to pick from.

From there, he just hooks the goggles up to a DVD player, and lets the experience begin.

He says the benefits of having video goggles over just a standard TV in the room, is that the dentist never gets in the way of the patient's enjoyment.

"We do not use them for routine hygiene appointments, primarily we want our hygienists to be able to talk to the patients, explain to them what's going on," Hart said. "We use them during anything from a simple filling which would be a very short appointment, up to several crowns or veneers; cases that take an hour or two or even more."

But don't expect to mix any laughing gas in with your movie. That's because the mask simply{}does not fit over the goggles.

"One thing I have noticed with my child patients, we use a lot less nitrous oxide now, because kids absolutely love the goggles," Hart said. "Kids just get totally enthralled in the movie that they are watching, and they have a lot less anxiety about the things we will be doing in their mouth."

Hart says anyone interested in incorporating video goggles into their office{}can buy them online or at high-end electronics stores. From there he says you just need a dedicated place to put your video source which can be a DVD player, computer or even an iPod.

Many times Hart says older patients will not want to try out the goggles, but once he{}encourages them to try them out, in the end, they often change their minds.

"I just think they are awesome for me, I can't imagine practicing dentistry without them," said Hart. "So often I have to get up and leave one patient to go see another patient for a few minutes. That lack of continuity with the patients just sitting there looking out the window could create impatience, but when I leave a patient and I know they have some source of entertainment, it makes it a lot less stressful for me."

And if you don't finish your movie the first time around, Dr. Hart says not to worry, he will make sure to start the movie right where you left off during the{}next appointment.


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