Palmetto State ranks 2nd for worst drivers

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Chances are you have been behind the wheel of a car and thought, "There are a lot of bad drivers out there."

Now, a new study confirms it.

A website,, ranked South Carolina the second worst in the nation for drivers.

Local drivers like Terry Kornahrens could not agree more.

"They are rude on the road. They don't let you get over while using blinkers on the interstate," she said.

Other drivers are concerned about people tailgating, speeding, or talking and texting while driving.

But Sergeant Bob Beres said despite the complaints, South Carolina's streets are actually becoming safer.

"We've seen 108 fewer fatalities on the road today versus the same time last year," he said. "We've seen a reduction in pedestrian fatalities and bicycle fatalities, but obviously one fatality [is] still too many."

Drivers like Lindsey Johnson know the dangers of South Carolina streets all too well.

"Personally I know someone who was recently killed in a car accident in Charleston so it really hits home for me," she said.

There are steps drivers can take to ensure they are driving safely on the roads.


"Drive like we did when we first were testing for that drivers license," Beres said. "They made all the right turns, they used their traffic signals, they drove the speed limit- that's what we need to focus on."

Beres said these simple tips could help South Carolina roads become much safer.


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