Spring fashions become springboard for local designers

Valencia Wicker/WCIV

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Several years ago, Adrienne Antonson was a College of Charleston art major eager to delve into the fashion world. Now, just seven years later, her fashion designs have made it from paper to the runway at Charleston Fashion Week.

"I lived here and started my very first clothing company, which was named Spinster," said Antonson. {}"It was so well received and I had such great support right off the bat as this young girl starting out doing this crazy thing, and it was such a nurturing and accepting community."

The community support gave her confidence to move from under the Lowcountry's wing and begin designing for a more mature audience.

Her hard work paid off when Charleston Fashion Week chose her spring collection for the Emerging Designers Competition.

"It's such an important step as a designer to get that collection made and to show it and to go through what we've gone through this week," said Antonson.

She is one of dozens of designers who were given the opportunity.

"It's crazy. I never thought of myself as this big designer or anything," said Faith Thornburg, a featured designer.

{}"Just like any designer, you have to start from scratch and you start sketching and putting together your looks and revising and going back and you get frustrated and you cry and you put your heart and soul into it," Thornburg said.

For Thornburg and designers like her, Charleston's fashion week has become more than a sneak peak at spring ensembles. Rather, it's a springboard into the world of fashion.

"You've seen designers in the past, you know they're in all these big magazines now and sold in all these great stores and it turns into so much," said Thornburg.

Charleston Fashion Week is being held at Marion Square through Saturday.

Click here for a full schedule of events.


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