State's first bike corral springs up on King Street

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The City of Charleston is installing the state's first bike corral on King Street.

Bike corrals are parking spaces for multiple bikes, usually located on city streets out of the way of pedestrians and visible to motorists. The one on King Street is being installed in the block between John Street and Hutson Street, providing ten new public bike parking spaces.

This corral follows in the footsteps of cities like Savannah and Raleigh where bike corrals have been the new trend and according to a spokesperson for the city, other cities in South Carolina are planning to install them soon.{}{}

Three other corrals are planned for the downtown area: one at King and Hasell Streets, one on upper St. Philip Street and one on Concord Street near Waterfront Park.{}{}

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. sees the new bike corrals benefiting the City of Charleston Streets in many ways.{}

"Bike corrals not only serve the customers of businesses on the greatest shopping and dining streets in the country, they serve as a signal to everyone that bicycling is an important part of our community," Riley said. "Promoting bicycling downtown and in other parts of the City helps address the problems associated with congested areas."

"It's amazing to think how much impact this could have on Upper King Street," said Blue Bicycle Books owner,{}Jonathan Sanchez. "So many more people are riding bikes to work now, and to go out in the evenings. Turning one metered space into a bike corral isn't{}just a ten-for-one trade in terms of vehicles, it's really a feather in the cap for Upper King Street.{} It's a cool amenity like the bluestone and palm trees."

The first King Street corral is directly in front of Sanchez's bookstore.


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