Stormin' Thomas reconnects with Lowcountry roots, Citadel baseball

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Stormin' Gorman Thomas doesn't get back to the Lowcountry often, but when he does he seems to take it by storm. "I brought Wisconsin with me; it's chilly today," he said on a blustery 43 degree afternoon at Joe Riley Park. {}Born and raised on James Island, Thomas made his name as a slugger for the Milwaukee Brewers, where he still resides, but he makes it a habit to get back to the Lowcountry to see old friends and watch some Citadel baseball. {}"We were talking about James Island back in the 60s and 70s. It's always a pleasure to be back home, seeing old buddies. It's like I haven't skipped a beat," Thomas said between innings of broadcasting the Bulldogs game with Rusty Thomas and Andy Solomon.{} {}Thomas' affection for baseball is the same now as it was when he was an 18-year-old kid drafted out of James Island High School. {}"I love the game, I always have and I always will. I miss it with all my heart, I feel like I still can play even though I'm 62 and just had knee replacement surgery so I know I can't. My heart is in it, my heart will always be in it, I watch it religiously and read the box scores every day," he said. {}He still is loosely affiliated with the game, making appearances on behalf of the Milwaukee Brewers. He goes to the ballpark three of four times a week to watch the game he loves. {}"I'd love to coach but as I get older, the window gets smaller. I don't want to go back and ride the bus in the minors even though I made fantastic friends riding the bus," Thomas said. {}As far as Gorman Thomas' own career, nobody knows where it will go, but Thomas can always fall back on being one of the best power hitters in Brewers history. {}"I wouldn't change anything I've ever done as far as playing ball. Maybe I would have taken a bit better care of myself, it wasn't available then, but I would have worked out regularly through the winter," he said. {}Now every spring and summer, you know where you can find Gorman Thomas whether it be in Charleston or Milwaukee.

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