Tabloid Truths and Tales with Penelope Jean

Mt. Pleasant, S.C.- We were talking tabloid truths and tales when it comes to celebs these days! Penelope Jean stopped by Lowcountry Live! today for our weekly update and what the buzz in Hollywood is!

Right now, one of the biggest stories she says she is following is the drama between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. There has been a lot in the media lately about the custody battle the two are in over their two-year-old daughter, Nahla. According to E! News, Aubry filed court documents last month to be officially declared the father of Nahla. The model and Oscar-winning actress announced their split last spring and previously kept the courts out of their custody agreement. But then, on December 30 of last year, Aubry filed a petition to request both joint-physical and legal custody of Nahla, as well as support. Aubry also reportedly wanted to protect his own rights. The couple split after five years when Aubry reportedly just felt it wasn't working anymore, that's according to a Radar Online report.

Penelope says, here's the deal, there have been reports that Aubry may have been using racial slurs with Berry and being verbally abusive. Penelope says if that's true, then there is no reason for him to be near the child, but at the same time, if all of that was going on, why are there no police records? Why did she not call the police? There are a lot of unanswered questions and we can only hope they get it sorted out!

And then we have Lindsay Lohan, in the headlines yet again for something that won't help revive her career. The once-teen star has found herself in more hot water after allegedly stealing a necklace from a jewelry store! The necklace is estimated at around $2,500 and as of right now, Lohan could be facing larceny charges for allegedly taking the jewelry. Penelope says that this is just another set back for Lohan, who just recently got out of rehab and claimed that she had truly turned the corner on a new life. Penelope says its basically over for Lindsay, at least for now, and she should really try to get away from Hollywood before she gets to the point of no return! Not sure if this is how she planned to turn that corner, but this is just another Hollywood story that we will just have to follow to see where it goes from here. As they say in Hollywood the sage continues.

Penelope Jean is with us on Lowcountry Live! every Tuesday with the hottest Hollywood headlines, so don't miss a minute!

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