Get teased! Pamper your tresses at a dry bar

Tease located at 430 King Street. (Source: Bainum/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- There are few things in life better than that "just had my hair done" feeling. Some magic takes over a woman after she leaves her hairdresser's chair.

The power of that new fresh look makes you feel like you can do anything and be anything as confidence oozes from your every step as you walk out the salon door.

The catch?

Most women don't have the time or money to get their hair done at the salon every day, or even weekly, in order to get that super power mojo. Luckily, there is a place in town with the solution despite what the name might suggest -- it's called Tease.


For ladies on the go

Tease is a dry bar and if you're looking for just a drink at a bar you've come to the wrong place, but if you're looking for a drink while getting your hair blown out -- then you've hit the jackpot.

"I found it annoying that on a Saturday, that I could show up and get my nails done somewhere but I could never find a place that could do my hair," said Tease co-owner, Louise Lawton. "I'm too busy to make an appointment for anything."

And so the concept of a dry bar -- a salon that just washes, dries, and styles your hair in under 45 minutes with no appointment necessary -- was brought to the Holy City by Lawton and her friend Jessica Buchanan.

"We had watched the dry bar concept grow in New York, Canada, Europe, Australia and everywhere else and we knew we had to bring it here," Lawton said. "We were the first dry bar in South Carolina."

Tease on King Street just celebrated their one-year anniversary on Nov. 5, but Lawton says it took some time to educate people on what a dry bar is really all about.

"A dry bar is simply a place to come get your hair styled. There is no cutting, no coloring, we are all about the finish. You come get your hair washed, blown out, styled and you are ready to go," she said.


Where no two blowouts are alike

Clients choose between blow-dried styles, known commonly as blowouts, to suit the mood and personality they are going for. Tease has a menu and a picture book to choose the look of either the Goddess, Siren, Sophisticate, Free Spirit, Tease and Trendsetter blow-outs for a set price of $35 each.

"We think it is all about the attitude. Come in here from a long day or come in here with friends and come out feeling like a rock star," Lawton said.

A rock star is just what first-time dry bar client Danielle Woodberry hopes to be. Woodberry says she's new to the dry bar world but was curious when she saw Tease being built a year ago and always wanted to come in.

"I'm actually excited because I'm doing a photo shoot today for my husband on our anniversary," Woodberry said. "It makes you feel good because you know someone who knows what they are doing is doing your hair. Instead of just me in the morning putting it up in a ponytail."

Woodberry isn't alone in wanting that extra oomph in her step to feel confident and ready to take on a photo shoot or a boardroom meeting. Lawton says Tease can do close to 75 blow outs in a day.


Beauty and the Blow

The hair trend of dry bars is big for bachelorette and wedding parties where a whole group of girls come in and experience the "getting ready" feeling together.

"That is what is different from us as opposed to a regular salon -- it's more about the experience where as when you go to a salon to get a hair cut you normally don't take anybody," Lawton said.

"It's the only place in town you can bring a group of people to get your hair done together in a fun atmosphere."

The place where the round brush and blow dryer are king now also offers makeup application after clients kept asking if for the service.

"Hair and makeup go together so well so starting it just made sense," she said.

Even after a year, Lawton says she feels her business still has a ways to go in fitting Charleston's unique culture that is mostly centered around tourism and big weekend events.

"People just now know we are here but they don't know what a dry bar is so we are really having to educate. That has been one of the challenges," she said.

But it's a challenge not as hard as having a good hair day every day. And if Tease is the formula to having a perfect hair day ever once in a while, hey we'll gladly take it, with a glass of champagne.

Tease Dry Bar is located at 430 King Street in downtown Charleston. For more information,{} click here.

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