Ultimate selfie? Dutch F-16 pilot snaps pics on 787 escort

AMSTERDAM (WCIV) -- A Dutch F-16 pilot with a GoPro captured some incredible selfies as the team of F-16s escorted the country's first Dreamliner into Dutch airspace.

The photos were taken June 5 by Capt. Jeroen "Slick" Dickens, a member of the Royal Netherlands Air Force's F-16 demo team.

"Last week Arkefly received its first 787-8 and this is the first one in the Netherlands," the group's Facebook post read. "We were lucky enough to welcome them home. Here are some shots for you to enjoy as well."

Dickens' photos show the Dreamliner 787-8 was intercepted by a pair of Dutch F-16s.

The 787 was delivered to Arke, the first 787 in its all-Boeing fleet, according to a release from Boeing. Part of the plane was built at the North Charleston facility before it was sent to Washington State to be completed.

"The 787 Dreamliner is an excellent fit for our Dutch operations and we are delighted to be the first carrier in the Netherlands to offer this product as part of our unique holiday experiences," said Elie Bruyninckx, CEO TUI Netherlands. "Passengers traveling on Arke's 787 will appreciate the airplane's spacious interior, bigger windows and will arrive at their destination feeling refreshed, making it the perfect start to any holiday."

Arke will use the 787 on its service between Amsterdam and the islands of Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

Arke is set to receive two more 787s, possibly giving Dickens two more chances to capture some high-flying selfies with the Dreamliner.

The 2014-2015 demo team is made up of members from two squadrons stationed Leeuwarden Airbase. Dickens is flying his first season with the demo team, according to the group's website.Photos provided by the Royal Netherlands Air Force's F-16 demo team.
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