Unique bakery offers treats for people and their furry friends

Karen Moran makes sweets in Mason jars for people and dogs.

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- One local woman has combined her sweet tooth and passion for animals to start a unique business. Sweet Lulu's Bakery on Wheels is the only bakery of its kind in the area.

Karen Moran spends a lot of time in her kitchen concocting all kinds of sweet treats. Her only limitation is that it has to fit in a Mason jar.

"A Mason jar fits nicely in any cooler and is as Southern as pecan pie," said Moran.

Her goal is to create a Mason jar mobile bakery.

"I just thought it would be something really kind of fun and different. You know, the food truck craze is kind of exploding but I wanted to be something that was a little bit different," said Moran.

Right now, it is still in the beginning stages with lots of taste tests and deliveries out of her car. Her dog Lulu is by her side every step of the way.

"I recently adopted Lulu about two years ago after losing two 15-year-old furry kids a week apart, and it was pretty tough. I like to think that Lulu rescued me as much as I rescued her, so when I decided to relocate back here and open the bakery I thought it would be great to partner with another nonprofit, no-kill organization and to be able to go ahead and do this so other homes could find good homes," said Moran.

Lulu is the inspiration behind the doggie ice cream, but is just one of many taste testers.

"I made some doggie ice cream with peanut butter, molasses. It's actually all human grade food, so if you wanted to eat it you could. It's actually not that bad I tried a little bit of it last night," said Moran.

It was a big hit among the dogs at Pet Helpers. In fact, several of them wanted more.

But for the organization, the financial support is even sweeter.

"It's absolutely wonderful how generous," said Sally Price, the director of philanthropy at Pet Helpers. "We count on contributions from people, and this kind of support again is easy."

Eventually Moran is hoping all the proceeds from the doggie ice cream, named Iced Lulu, can go to support pet shelters like Pet Helpers.

"I'm a new business so I need to still feed myself as well, but I still wanted to be able to give back and put something back in the community. I think it's really important to be able to do that," said Moran.

The hope is that this unique bakery will leave a sweet taste in people's and dogs' mouths alike and that the business will continue to grow.

Moran is hoping to raise enough money to buy an old vintage pick-up truck and a Shasta trailer so she can be more mobile in the future. To do that, she's started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the needed $20,000. To join in on the fundraiser, ?click here?.

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