Video shows Vick asks for driver after DUI arrest

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV/AP) - State Rep. Ted Vick told an officer arresting him for driving under the influence that he was not intoxicated and couldn't believe he was being put in handcuffs in the Statehouse garage.

The Department of Public Safety released about an hour of video from the garage and the cruiser of the officer who arrested the Chesterfield Democrat on Tuesday night.

In the video, Vick asks if he can be released if someone comes along and picks him up. When the officer asks him to take a sobriety test, Vick refuses, saying he is not intoxicated.

"I can't believe I have handcuffs on me at the Statehouse. I hadn't harmed anybody, hadn't done anything," Vick said after he was taken into custody. "I'll leave my truck right there. Somebody can come pick me up. Somebody will come pick me up."

He also refused to answer when the officer asks him on a scale of 0 to 10 how drunk he thinks he is.

Vick's lawyer says he will fight the charge, saying officers were too quick to judge the situation.

"He pulled out of a parallel parking spot and drove a total of 20 feet in a straight line before the officer stopped him," said Vick's lawyer. "There's no way a police officer can make a determination that he was materially and appreciably impaired."

The incident comes less than a year after Vick was arrested on DUI charges. In that incident, officers said Vick was also carrying a pistol.

Both cases are still pending.

WACH reporter Zoheb Hassanali provided additional content to this report from Columbia, S.C.

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