Women pack a punch for sexual assault awareness

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It takes a powerful punch to feel safe in the world today. April is sexual assault awareness month, and as martial arts trainer Matt Robinson says, women should always be on alert."The bad guy is always out there and the bad guy usually lets us go home safe because they choose not to pick us that night or that day," said Charleston Krav Maga owner, Matt Robinson.But what if we do find ourselves in a dangerous situation one day?"It's as easy as maybe learning one move that can change the outcome of a attack," Robinson said.{}"People who say it is not going to happen to them or they have lived this long and it wont happen, I think that is a really bad way to think."Robinson teaches Krav Maga, an Israeli fighting technique, at his studio. Robinson says it's a simple practice to learn and originated in Israel to train both male and female service members. During the month of April, Charleston Krav Maga has hosted a free self-defense class for women and sexual assault victims."I think the only way to stop some of this stuff from happening is to have the knowledge of being able to defend ourselves," he said. "We can't pick and choose when we are going to get attacked -- it doesn't happen that way." From a punch, to a kick, to a grab, to a knee, Charleston Krav Maga trainers hope to educate women for the worst case scenario."They are going to be able to do something and something is always better than nothing," Robinson said.Charleston Krav Maga is teaming up with the non-profit Charleston Fight For Hope to help promote the 'Rock Against Rape' fundraiser. The event is being held this Saturday, April 26 at D.D. Peckers' Wing Shack in West Ashley on Savannah Highway from noon to 10 a.m.The event will feature five bands and all proceeds will go to sexual assault victims and their recovery.
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