Weekend Playlist: July 27-30 – Mike Quinn Superfunk + Terraphonics

Weekend Playlist: July 27-30 – Mike Quinn Superfunk + Terraphonics


Plan A: Nick Clyburn Band, Pour House

Plan B: Tropidelic with See Water, Windjammer

Things around town: Judson McKinney & Sam Stringfield, Palmetto Brewing


Plan A: Bizness Suit, JohnKing

Plan B: Italo and the Passions / Glass Lashes, Tin Roof

Things around town: David Higgins Band, O-ku


Plan A: Kid Trails / Those Lavender Whales / Dear Blanca, Tin Roof

Plan B: The Mike Quinn Superfunk + Terraphonics present the Sample Jam, Pour House

Things around town: Becca Leigh, Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl


Plan A: Jane Eyre // Hopesick // Midnight Endeavor, Cory’s Grilled Cheese

Plan B: Dallas Baker and Friends, Tattooed Moose (John’s Island)

Things around town: One Kool Blow, Cocktail Club


The Weekend Playlist is provided by Disco Teepee, which is headed up by Meggie Hulsey. Music changes moods and minds. Disco Teepee is her journey to bring the most interesting and exciting music to her fellow music lovers.

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