More beneficial exercises using inexpensive fitness equipment


Last week I explained and showed a video tutorial on exercises using a jump rope, resistance band, and a medicine ball. All of these you can find for less than $30, and they last a long time. So, they are worth the purchase!

Below are exercises that are a bit more complicated than the ones shared last week. You can add these to your routine! Remember you can do these in a small area of your house so no excuses!

Jump Rope

Jump rope line hops – Lay the jump rope down on the ground in a straight line. Starting at one end, facing the jump rope, keep your feet together and jump over the rope to the left then diagonally over the jump rope to the right -- doing this all of the way down the rope. When you get to the end, don’t turn around, just do the same thing going backwards!

Jump rope single leg hop overs – Lay the jump rope down on the ground, stand at one end with the remaining of the jump rope to either your left or right (your side is adjacent to the jump rope). Lift one leg off the ground and hold it there, hop over and back all of the way down the rope. When you get to the end, repeat with the same foot back to the start. Now, switch legs and repeat.

Resistance Band

Band bicep curls – Standing on the center of the band with both feet, one end of the band in each hand, thumbs facing forward, slight bend in the knee, back straight, and eyes forward. Only moving from the elbow down, pull/curl the band up until the band touches your shoulders (or as close to them as you can, some have harder resistance), hold and relax, that is called a bicep curl.

If your band is too short, or too hard of a resistance I suggest the following: starting on your left side, stand on one end of the band with your left foot, have the other end in your left hand and curl; for set amount and then switch to your left.

Band side step squats – Tying the band in a circle with one knot. Place the band around your ankles. Slight squat position, bent at the knee, stabilize your left leg and try not to let it move. Take a big step to the side with your right foot. Your band should be tied tight enough so it’s difficult to step out more than 10+/- inches, tap the ground with that foot and then back to starting position. You can alternate legs or stay on one side for a set amount before you switch.

Medicine Ball

Slam ball – Bend at your knees and go into a squat position, your back stays upright and you continue to look forward. Bend down pick up the ball, use power from your legs not your back to get the ball over head, from here throw it or slam it as hard as you can straight down to the ground, rest and repeat. Some medicine balls are better than others, the one I am using is very bouncy so it is not as ideal, but still gets the job done!

Staggered push up – Starting on the ground on all fours (only your hands, and feet are touching the ground) also known as a high plank position. Move one hand to the top of the medicine ball but still in the form of a high plank, now only bending at your elbows you will drop as low as you can to the ground and push yourself back to the starting position, this is called a staggered push up (because one hand is on the ground, and one hand is on the ball). Make sure your body stays stiff like a board and that your hips don’t arch up or sink to the ground. If you are unable to do this from all fours you may drop to your knees and repeat the process above. Continue with a set amount of repetitions per side or alternate every time.

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My challenge to you this week is similar to the last, go out and purchase, borrow, or build something that you can use for these exercises! The great part about the exercises above is you don’t need this specific equipment. For example, for the jump rope exercises, just use a line on your kitchen floor, or a line on the side walk, you don’t actually need the jump rope. This also goes for the staggered pushups, you can use many different objects for example a stack of books, a sturdy container, a step in your house etc. be creative!!

See last weeks article for more exercises, suggestions on where to get the equipment, and prices.

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