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New Year's Resolutions (MGN)

Why do you think it is that we began making big dreams and goals at the beginning of each calendar year, calling it a New Year’s Resolution?

What is keeping us from making short and long term goals, versus one goal once a year that may or may not be obtainable?

According to Statistic Brain, an average of about 41% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution. This is great! It is a step in the right direction!

Unfortunately only about 9% of that population succeeds or feels as if they met their resolution.

It is easy to say you want to change something, but this is many times followed by “I will start next month”. Let’s check ourselves: if you really want to change or achieve something, there's no need to wait for a Monday, for the first of the month, and definitely no need to wait for January 1.

There's no need to wait longer than the next day. Commit yourself! When you commit to yourself and the task or goal at hand, what can stop you?

That's not to say anyone shouldn't make a New Year’s Resolution this year, but people need to make more goals throughout the year, not just once yearly.

Having a goal or resolution you are working towards is very important. The key to achieving them is setting goals that are more realistically achievable. Once we've met those goals, from there you can make another, and another.

Here are some tips for being successful:

- Try not to choose a goal that you question if it's possible to achieve.

- Choose something that you truly are committed to changing.

- Start with short term goals. For example, set out to to lose 3 pounds in a month, not to lose 20 pounds this year. Short term goals may help you figure out if you have the desire and self-commitment to make a long term goal.

- Tell your friends, family, or co-workers about your resolution, more often than not they will help keep you on track!

- Write it down! Write down your goal(s) somewhere where you will see it every day for a constant reminder, such as the mirror in your bathroom, or on a sticky note you'll see every day. Small reminders can be annoying at times, but will help us achieve our goals!


My challenge to you this week is to make two short term goals. Goals that can be accomplished within the week, or month. After accomplishing your goals did you inspire yourself? Do you feel like you have more meaning and reason to your day? If the answer is no, maybe set a more personal goal, something you want to change about you or your actions.

Kelly Thompson is a certified personal trainer who writes a fitness blog, Kelly's Charleston Challenge, for ABC News 4. If you have any questions, or need any suggestions, reach her via email at, or use the hashtag #KellysCharlestonChallenge on social media.

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