Seasonal fruits and veggies can play a role in your healthy meals

Pumpkins (Kelly Thompson)

The population of the Lowcountry is getting more and more diverse ever day. Having such a diverse population is very similar to the diversity in the fruits and vegetables that have the ability to grow here in our backyard.

Question is: do we know what foods can be purchased that have been planted, grown, and produced locally?

Of course, we think of the common ones such as corn, strawberries, and peaches. Let’s check out not only what is produced here, but also what is in season currently.

When fruits and vegetables are in season, we know they are fresh and will be a bit less costly because of the plentiful amounts. Let's take a look into our local stands and see what we can find! Here are eight fruits and vegetables that you may want to look for, these options may also help mix up your meals and entice you to try something new!


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My challenge to you this week is to try to go to a local stand, or purchase from the local part of your grocery store, try three of the seasonal fruits or vegetables. Were they cheaper because they were in season? Were you able to find something you haven’t tried before? How was it?

Post the pictures of what you decided to buy, or what you made and share it on your social media or send it over to me in an e-mail! Remember you spreading the word helps positively influence others as well!

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