Weekend Playlist: November 2-4 - Rockabillaque

Weekend Playlist: November 2-4 - Rockabillaque


Plan A: Bizness Suit / Glass Lashes / Glass Mansions / Colorworld, The Sparrow

Plan B: CD Release Party: Danielle Howle, Hometeam (Downtown)

Things around town: Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys + Hans Wenzel and The 86’ers, Pour House


Plan A: Rockabillaque, Park Circle

Plan B: Page Mackenzie, HonkyTonk Saloon

Things around town: Kenny George Band, Windjammer


The Weekend Playlist is provided by Disco Teepee, which is headed up by Meggie Hulsey. Music changes moods and minds. Disco Teepee is her journey to bring the most interesting and exciting music to her fellow music lovers.

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