Over 200 campers with disabilities attended Camp Rise Above in 2018; more support needed

Camp Rise Above campers use a paddleboat at James Island County Park. (WCIV)

As Camp Rise Above wraps for another successful summer, organizers say it has made a lasting impact on the 207 campers it served who have a range of disabilities.

From swimming and fishing to archery and wall climbing, the one-on-one counselor to camper ratio allows children to participate safely in activities that would otherwise be off-limits.

Eight separate two-day camps were held in June and July, focusing on children with specific disabilities including sickle cell, epilepsy, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, heart and kidney disabilities and more.

Campers were able to make friends with other similar-aged children who have the same disabilities and support one another as they completed fun tasks.

Camp Rise Above relies on donations from the community and 140 dedicated volunteers to make the camp possible.

This year, the camp didn't raise as much money as it had hoped, and organizers are asking the community to support its mission to make sure the camps will be available for children in upcoming years.

To learn more about Camp Rise Above, or to find out how to donate, click here.

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