Camp Rise Above campers enjoy a day of fun in the water

Camp Rise Above campers at the James Island County Park water park (WCIV)

While their disabilities may limit movement on land, children at Camp Rise Above are able to move freely in the water.

Children were able to enjoy a day in the pool, thanks to Camp Rise Above's one-on-one ratio for counselors to campers and special accommodations at James Island County Park water park.

Campers like Myracle Cromwell, who uses a wheelchair or crutches to get around, and Wesley Cassell, who has a neurological disorder, were able to safely enjoy a day of fun on the water and try something new.

“At Camp Rise Above, we do a lot of activities that you normally don’t get to do with cerebral palsy,” Cassell said.

Julie Burt, a pediatric physical therapist, says the water is very therapeutic for children to be able to move in ways they can’t on land.

Using adaptable wheelchairs for the water, children were able to enjoy splashing around and moving along the park’s lazy river.

Check out of the video above of more fun at the pool.

To learn more about Camp Rise Above, click here.

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