Camp Rise Above offers special program for kids with brain tumors

Kids having fun at Camp Rise Above (Provided)

Water parks, new friends, archery.

It's just like any other summer camp for kids, only these kids are recovering from the same battle.

Camp Rise Above in Hanahan offers a special week-long program for kids who are recovering from brain tumors.

It brightened up the summer for Mary Scott Gallus, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her mom, AJ, said after several brain surgeries, it's been a long journey for her to re-learn a lot of her motor skills.

"At the camp, not only did she get to meet people with brain tumors like herself, she also got to see her doctors outside of the hospital setting," AJ said.

The special week also lets the kids bring their siblings along to make memories together during the summer camp fun.

Learn more in the video above.

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