Camp Rise Above's unique program lets children with disabilities enjoy swimming

camps swimming.png

Summer and swimming.

It's a normal part of childhood. Except, if that child suffers from seizures.

But it's those challenges that fuel Camp Rise Above to come up with unique ways to make sure children of all abilities can participate in a classic summer pastime.

At Camp Rise Above, campers have been diagnosed with epilepsy or have experienced some kind of traumatic brain injury in the past.

And that makes swimming risky.

To handle the risk, Camp Rise Above has several nurses and experts ready to jump into the water into action just in case.

With careful eyes watching, campers are free to splash around.

"I can swim like a mermaid I just like swim deep underwater, and touch the ground. Like I push off," said camper Amanda Bingham.

It also lets the campers meet others who have had the same life experiences.

"The people, like I said. They’re real fun. And they don’t make you feel left out, they make everyone feel the same," Bingham said.

To learn more about Camp Rise Above, click here.

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