Wando High School's Dr. Nathan Belcher brings real-world experience to his physics class

    Dr. Nathan Belcher at Wando High School

    Wando High School teacher Dr. Nathan Belcher is the April 2018 STEM educator of the month.

    Belcher majored in physics while in college and realized he loved teaching.

    "Putting those two things together makes for a fun career," he said.

    Belcher brings real-world STEM experience to students in the classroom.

    "A couple of years ago, a colleague had a Keurig coffee machine that stopped working, so we took it apart and figured out what happened to it and saw some of the physics behind it," Belcher said.

    During "bring a scientist to work day," Belcher invited someone who works as a controller on NASA'S International Space Station.

    Many of his students go on to pursue the subject well beyond the classroom

    "We’ve had a lot of students go on to high level universities and go to MIT," he said.

    To learn more about Belcher's work, watch the video above.

    To nominate someone as a STEM educator of the month, click HERE.

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