Mitchell Elementary's Margeaux Coyne helping students blossom | STEM Educator of the Month

Mitchell Elementary's Margeaux Coyne helping students blossom (WCIV)

Everyone knows that plants don't grow unless they're planted in the proper soil. Our October STEM Educator of the Month, Margeaux Coyne, is certainly helping students blossom at Mitchell Elementary in Charleston.

“I've been told a couple of times from different people that Mitchell is a gem of the city, and when you come see the garden and children interacting in it after school, you know that there's something there just lighting them up and just getting them interested in the world,” said Coyne.

Her students seem eager to do the right thing, even in second grade. Recently, Coyne says the kids decided instead of a Halloween Party, they have a “Kindness party.”

There was no candy. They took up a class collection and bought sneakers for two young girls in need.

Coyne says her students do like to play, too, but they’re always learning.

“Last year with my class when we played soccer we would actually design our own field and we would talk about how those lines were parallel and these lines are horizontal. We could talk about the perimeter and how much square footage was in a field,” Coyne says.

And when it comes to gardening, the students have been taught they can plant anything — if the conditions are right. They're also learning about the creatures who visit gardens.

“Right here, there's lots of little empty chrysalis because we actually collected maybe seven or eight monarchs and we actually watched them go from caterpillar and go into chrysalis and then let them go,” Coyne says.

Margeaux Coyne’s students learn important lessons, and then get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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