SC mom diagnosed with rare cancer, how social media saved her life

Shyniqua Gray and her son, Bryson. (Courtesy: Shyniqua Gray)

Shyniqua Gray is in the battle of a lifetime and social media is helping her win the fight.

The 27-year-old single mom has a rare, fast-moving disease called triple negative breast cancer.

Back in August , I saw that one of my friends I went to elementary school with she posted about finding a lump and she also thought it was fatty tissue. She went to the doctor and found out that she had breast cancer. That's what made me get an appointment.

Gray found the lump in her breast in January 2018 but didn't get it checked until months later; she says she spends a lot of time of social media, which she says helped save her life.

I was shock it didn't hit be until when he said...he asked you expect to have more kids? He was like well you may not be because going through chemo you may go through menopause. That's when I broke down.

Gray has a 6-year-old son named Bryson, who she says he's wise beyond his years.

I tell her it's going to be okay. Stay strong. You got this.

In the past two months, Gray has had to quit her job, shave her head, and start chemo.

She's sharing her journey on social media in hopes that she can help save someone else's life.

I just encourage everyone to don't wait like I did. Go. If you feel anything. Go. No matter small big. Go.

When Gray is asked how she is remaining positive through everything she's going through, she says faith keeps her grounded.

"How are you remaining so positive? Prayer for one. Family and friends. People comments because I do go back and read them. Just the nice things people are saying to me. That helps a lot."

Gray says social media saved her life and she's hoping she can do the same for someone else, one post at a time.

For more information on this type of breast cancer, click here.

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