Animal Society helps rescue 1000 animals from Mass. farm

Animal Society helps rescue 1000 animals from Mass. farm

In a nearly month-long animal cruelty investigation in Westport, Massachusetts, more than 1,000 animals were rescued from a farm there.

Officials say all of the animals have been removed from the farm and taken to safe places. Two people from Charleston Animal Society will be going to Massachusetts to help in the rescue operation.

“These workers will do whatever is necessary to help the ASPCA and protect the animals that have been rescued,” said Charleston Animal Society Director of Anti-Cruelty Aldwin Roman. “We are committed to sending more support staff as needed by the ASPCA.”

Animal Society officials say most of the animals are being cared for in a temporary shelter set up by the ASPCA, while smaller rescue organizations have stepped in the house some of the animals, including horses, cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits and chickens, to dogs, cats and more unusual species like pheasant and peacock.

Due to the number of animals involved in the rescue, officials say there are 45 people at the temporary shelter providing medical and daily care as well as gathering evidence for a criminal investigation.

Westport police found the animals living in deplorable conditions on a 70-acre property, many of them exhibiting signs of neglect with no access to food or water, the Animal Society reported.

The neglected animals were living among a number of dead animals. Authorities say this is the largest farm animal rescue ever in the Northeast.

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