Deputies forced to kill pit bull as crowd stands by watching dogs fight

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Georgetown County Sheriff's Deputies say a crowd of people let two dogs fight in the street for half an hour before calling authorities and the fight ended with one of the dogs dead.

Deputies report they had to use force to stop the dog fight to make sure the crowd of people that had gathered around were safe.

Deputies responded to reports of two dogs fighting around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday on Apple Street in the Andrews community.

Deputies say they found a crowd of at least 10 children and two adults standing near two pit bull dogs attacking each other.

After moving the crowd away, deputies tried to use verbal commands to stop the fight and when that didn't work, they used a taser. Deputies said one of the dogs was incapacitated but the other continued to attack, even after several shocks to the head.

Finally, deputies had to shoot and kill the second dog to keep everyone around safe.

Sheriff's deputies tried to find the owner of the deceased dog, but no one would claim ownership.

The owner of the other pit bull told deputies they had been walking their dog when the second animal ran towards them and they were forced to retreat onto a nearby car as the two dogs began to fight.

Witnesses told deputies that the attack had been going on for about 30 minutes before deputies were called.



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