Local dogs have unbelievable adventures


Two stories of unbelievable animal adventures -- both happened this weekend.

Coozie, an 8-pound yorkie, fell off the back of a boat in Charleston Harbor. Her owners searched the water for several hours, but they couldn't find her.

A friend posted the story on Facebook, and as soon as they got home, they learned someone had found the dog in the Wando River.

"I will say she wore a life jacket for the first year, and I'm in the market for a new puppy life jacket after yesterday," said Coozie's owner Caroline Wood. "Not because she's not a strong swimmer, but because of the reflections of it she would have been much easier spotted."

Also this weekend, a dog swimming with dolphins -- caught on camera.

Off the coast of Capers Island we spotted Hobbes. He spotted feeding dolphins from the shore and jumped in to play. While he tried his best to get reaction from the long-nosed mammals, the dolphins were more interested in hunting.

Hobbes chased and played, until he was worn out.

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