North Charleston stray dog found badly wounded with torn ear and exposed flesh


An injured dog found on the side of the road in North Charleston is healing at the Charleston Animal Society thanks to the help of a good Samaritan.

He suffered bite wounds to the face, a torn ear and exposed flesh.

Pearl Sutton said Thursday he was clearly in a fight.

"Was he in a fight? Yes," Sutton said. "Is he a fighting dog?"

Sutton shrugged. She's a Senior Director at the Animal Society and said she's seen dogs in all sorts of conditions but very few as rough as this.

"The dog was in really bad shape," William Hiers said.

He found the dog Tuesday while working as a personal care ambulance driver in North Charleston. He said the dog was weak, maybe even close to death.

"That was the first time I've ever seen anything as far as an animal in that kind of health, you know, being that underweight and that wounded," he said. "It was a shocker."

Sutton said the majority of strays that come into the Animal Society are from North Charleston.

"We took in almost 9,000 animals last year." she said. "70 to 75 percent are from North Charleston."

This dog, still unnamed, was found in the tall brush of Baker Hospital Boulevard off of Azalea Drive. Joe Elmore, Executive Director of CAS, said that area is a hotbed for strays.

He called them "yard dogs", dogs that wander from yard to yard.

"The dog was in really bad shape," Hiers said. "I could see a little bit of the blood in his ear and he was really really small from, obviously, just hunger."

In video captured by Hiers Tuesday the dog is obviously very hungry. Hiers picked up some beef jerky to feed him and he said neighbors in the area also brought out some food.

He's grateful the Animal Society has taken this dog in.

"They could use every bit of the help. Anything is good for them," he said.

The stray is responding very well to humans and has so far shown no aggression. Hiers is hopeful that will remain true when they socialize him with dogs.

"I just want him to be taken care of and at least his wounds and stuff," he said. "I think he deserves to, you know, be healed up properly. That dog deserves the world and not just him but there's a lot of dogs that deserve it -- to be brought into a nice home."

The dog will likely undergo surgery to clean up and suture his torn ear. Once he's treated, the Animal Society will begin the socializing process.

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