Police detain 3 over report of gun pulled at Northwoods Mall, but no gun found

Northwoods Mall Food Court, Northwoods Boulevard, North Charleston, S.C. (Google Earth)

North Charleston Police say they did not find a gun after getting reports of a man pulling a pistol at Northwoods Mall on Thursday.

The incident happened February 8 around 5:30 p.m. near the food court in the mall, according to police.

A person told police he was standing near a pretzel stand when another man pulled a gun on him, but officers say they determined no gun was involved after detaining the suspect.

Police say three other women connected to the suspect were at the scene. Bbelieving the suspect may have passed the gun to them. police say they attempted to search the women's purses. Two of the women were uncooperative, and were eventually handcuffed and detained.

The original suspect also was handcuffed and detained after stepping between an officer and one of the women he was trying to search.

All three were taken to back room, where a search turned up no gun. Police say they later learned the man accused of pulling a gun had a "history" with the person who made the complaint against him.

All three people police detained were allowed to leave the scene, and were not charged with a crime.

(Correction: A previous version of this story indicated the man accused of pulling a gun indeed was found to have a gun in his possession. That is not the case.)

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