911 call: Fight over microwave led man to kill nephews inside North Charleston apartment

Raashid White (Al Cannon Detention Center)

A man accused of killing two children inside a North Charleston apartment Monday was their uncle, and had flown into a rage after a disagreement over a kitchen appliance, according to a 911 call placed the day of the incident.

The 911 recordings released Wednesday document the conversation between a dispatcher and the children’s mother, as she was helplessly locked outside the apartment where North Charleston Police say Raashid White stabbed to death his nephews, Avery Martin, 8, and Aiyden Martin, 2.

“There are two children in the house. They are in danger. I need someone to come out immediately,” the children’s mother told a dispatcher. “There's an individual in the house who has mental issues. … My children are screaming.”

The woman told dispatch White started attacking her after a “minor disagreement over the microwave.”

“I said to him repeatedly, (…) this is your sister. I'm just trying to restrain you. You're physically attacking me in front of your nephews. I need you to understand what you're doing right now,” she told 911.

From there, the woman told the dispatcher White was able to overpower her, force her outside the apartment, and lock her out. After nearly six minutes on the phone with 911, the woman knocks on the door and calls out to her children. She gets no response.

“The children are silent. I don't hear anything. I'm getting ready to panic, sir,” she told 911. The call abruptly ends shortly after.

North Charleston Police were dispatched to the Jamison Park Apartments off Greenridge Road shortly after 3 p.m. Monday. By the time they arrived, White had leaped from a second-story balcony and was on the run.

Officers found the children inside suffering from multiple stab wounds. One child died at the scene, and the other later died at a local hospital.

A manhunt began. 911 dispatchers received more calls, now from people claiming to see White after police circulated his photograph. One such person lived in a town house across the street from the Jamison Park Apartments.

Convinced she had seen White, the woman began following the man on foot while talking to dispatchers.

“The guy that killed his family, I think I see him. He's wearing all black, he's heading toward the road,” she said. “He's running! He's running! I'm behind him, he can't see me. I just don't want to lose him. I have my dog with me.”

Nearly five hours after they began searching, law enforcement found White less than a half-mile away from the apartment on S. Antler Drive. It took four officers to restrain him, even after using a Taser.

White, 26, remains in jail, charged with two counts of murder. He waived his right to a bond hearing on Tuesday.

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