Affidavit: Ladson mom tried to electrocute disabled son, overdose him with meds

Michele Hayes appears in Berkeley County bond court (WCIV)

A woman charged with trying to kill her disabled adult son by administering multiple medications beyond prescribed amounts also attempted to electrocute him, according to an affidavit.

Bond for Michele Baker Hayes, 65, was set at $50,000 after Berkeley County Sheriff's Office says she turned herself in for attempted murder.

The Ladson woman is accused of trying to murder her 48-year-old disabled son, Raoul Moralis, who's currently recovering in the intensive care unit.

Deputies say she confessed to giving him a lethal dose of his medication Tuesday before trying to electrocute him with a hairdryer Wednesday night.

According to an affidavit, Hayes placed her son’s feet in a bucket of water and placed a hairdryer, which was plugged in and energized, into the water in an attempt to electrocute him to cause his death.

Hayes’ family joined her in court to speak out in her favor. “My mother has obviously had a very bad choice and it’s not characteristic of her at all," said Hayes' daughter and Moralis' sister.

She says a car accident left her brother unresponsive and unable to do much by himself, and her mother has taken care of ever him since.

Hayes’ defense attorney, Ryan Schwarz, says Hayes may have been dealing with unresolved psychological issues.

“I think this was a snap judgment. You know, it sounds weird to say, out of compassion for her son who she has day-in and day-out, you know 24-hours-a-day, taken care of for 34 years,” Schwarz said.

Detective Jason Williams with Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office expressed concern for the victim’s safety.

“It is believed that she is a continued threat to the safety of her son, and we would ask the court would take that into account upon bond recommendation.”

Judge James Hinson noted attempted murder charges usually mean no bond in South Carolina, but offered Hayes a conditional release while she awaits trial.

Hayes spoke up only once tonight – to say she’ll never be able to work and pay back a $50,000 dollar loan to get out of jail.

If Hayes makes bond, she will live with her sister. She’s not allowed to make contact with the son she’s accused of trying to kill.

Moralis will live with his sister when he gets out of the hospital.

Hayes is due back in court on April 12.

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